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Unlike other forms of advertising, direct mail advertising (in print) lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. Direct mail advertising can be the most efficient and persuadable form of advertising, especially when delivered to a highly focused group. But first, let’s dispel some myths…


Myths About Direct Mail Advertising

1. Online media is more engaging than printed direct mail — Gordon Plutsky, CMO of King Fish Media says, “New media marketers may be missing sales opportunities by ignoring old media tactics.” By reaching a consumer through the mailbox, a marketer creates a different type of conversation. It’s more thoughtful. It provides recipients with a designed mail piece for them to look at and to make a more informed purchasing decision.


2. Email works better than direct mail — According to Advertising Age magazine, the Direct Marketing Association reports that “direct mail is 10 to 30 times more effective than email“. In fact, direct mail response rates have been relatively stable since 2010. Additionally, when comparing response rates in the same study, 34 out of 1,000 customers responded to direct mail, while just one out of 1,000 customers responded to email.


3. Small businesses rely on digital marketing for attracting new customers — According to new research by The Boston Consulting Group, digital marketing is all the rage among major corporations these days, but not so much among small businesses. Small businesses still rely mainly on newspaper circulars and direct mail to drive customers into their stores.


4. Advertising mail volume is going down — The United States Postal Service reported in January that standard mail experienced a 4.0% increase in volume.


5. Consumers prefer email over direct mail — Consumers use and trust certain communications channels more than others. 50% of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail to email, this according to a recent study by Epsilon, a multichannel marketing firm. Their study, “The Formula for Success: Preference and Trust“, also found that respondents prefer direct mail over email about brands or products in almost every category, including financial services (36 percent to 8 percent), insurance (36 percent to 9 percent) and travel (21 percent to 13 percent).


Why Direct Mail Advertising Works

Time and time again, I have experienced the effectiveness of direct mail advertising working its incredible magic. But it works for reasons people may not realize. Read my article
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The Russell-Risko Agency is a dedicated Direct Mail Advertising agency. We have the experience to manage all phases of the design, production, list brokering, mail-handling and presorting requirements. Our success has been recognized by the Philadelphia Business Journal – naming the Russell-Risko Agency to its “Top 25 List” of Branding, Marketing & Media Services.


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