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Email Marketing (Electronic or E-Mail Marketing) is the direct mailing of a marketing message to a select group of people distributed by email. It is one of the most effective strategies for keeping in touch with current customers, prospects, employees, sales personnel and other business relations.


Email Marketing messages can take the form of advertisements, news bulletins or newsletters, sales solicitations, press announcements, business reports, or just about anything you might want to share with others to gain their recognition.


Email Marketing vs. Traditional Direct Mail

  • Email Marketing is 20 times more cost-efficient than traditional media
  • Email Marketing response rates are 5% – 35% (depending on the industry and format), much higher than traditional mail at just below 3%
  • Researchers estimate that U.S. firms alone spent $1.51 billion on Email Marketing in 2011. This number is estimated to grow to $2.468 billion by 2016.


What Email Marketing Can Do For You

1. Generate Sales Conversions — Email Marketing enables you to lead a prospective customer through the sales process. By providing informative data over time, the prospect will be more likely to visit your website and convert a sale.


2. Improve Profitability and Customer Loyalty — Carefully targeted Email Marketing can also build customer trust, loyalty and brand awareness. It is a very effective method for cultivating long-term business relationships that drive profitability.


3. Increase Your Return-On-Investment — Email Marketing is very affordable. Each message/mailer typically costs only a few cents to deliver. When compared to traditional direct mail, the cost in postage, production time and labor savings alone are quite a bargain.


4. Analyze Measureable Results — Many advertising and marketing strategies are difficult, if not impossible, to measure. The results of an Email Marketing distribution can be tracked — who opened, who clicked, clicked what links, visited what web pages, etc.


5. Gain Informative Feedback — Email Marketing can provide valuable insight that can help you understand just who your customers are. When signing up to receive a newsletter or a free survey, demographic information can be gleaned from customers when they register. Information such as — what are their interests, their age, what part of the country they live in, and so on. This can help you tailor your products and services to best suit their needs.


Why Choose the Russell-Risko Agency?

The Russell-Risko Agency is a dedicated Email Marketing agency. We have the experience to manage all phases of the design, production, bulk-email distribution formatting and post results reporting. Our success has been recognized by the Philadelphia Business Journal – naming the Russell-Risko Agency to its or click) to arrange a brief consultation, so that I may share with you useful ideas about…


  • How best to deploy Email Marketing
  • How to integrate Email Marketing to support other marketing efforts
  • Creative reasons for reaching out to business contacts on a timely basis (the pool of informative and meaningful subjects are endless) — to generate and maintain top “share-of-mind” visibility
  • Or, to request a free, no-obligation proposal.


Email Marketing | Russell-Risko Agency

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